Monday, November 10, 2014

Lazada Online Shopping

It has been a long time since I blogged. But I want to share my experience to whoever is going to read this. I hope this serve as a precaution.

I am not into high end smart phones that's why I stick to "old fashioned" phones because I only need it to call and send SMS. I work here in Malaysia in an IT company. When our company changed location which is far from where I live. I have to take a cab to go to work. Sometimes, it is hard to go to work especially if there are a lot of us trying to get a taxi. So I was forced to buy a smartphone so that I can install a very useful app called "myteksi". This app will help me find a cab without waiting for almost an hour.

And so I ordered Samsung Galaxy Y Neo. The first order was cancelled because of unknown reason. I called customer service and they initiated a refund which until now I have not received.

Then I ordered again and paid almost the same amount. Almost, because they gave 20RM voucher as compensation. It's sad that I did not learn my lesson. I ordered the same product. Again, I paid using my card because cash on delivery is not an option. I should have taken the cancellation of the order as an omen. But I went through with the second order. It says in the website, it should include the phone, battery, headset, USB, adaptor and user manual.

But guess what I received. It has missing components i.e. the USB cable and headset. I called customer service again. They wanted me to return the whole item and I have to wait for several days before they can replace it.


Oh no, not again! I asked if they can simply send those missing items to my office. The support person named Zach said, I really have to return the whole package. I thought online shopping is for convenience. There is a reason why I addressed it to the office. I am very busy. I can't wait for someone all the time.

I guess I have to stop shopping from Lazada. This also happened in the I purchased a phone as a gift way back in April, 2014. I addressed it to my brother in law. I paid it using paypal. The delivery guy tried to get payment from my brother in law. My brother-in-law refused to pay and so the guy took back the phone with him. I called customer service several times. Take note, I spent more than the value of the phone just to keep calling Lazada customer service in the Philippines which finally after 3 months, they said somebody has accepted the phone and signed it. They showed me a screenshot of acceptance slip with signature which my brother said, it is not his signature. Finally, I gave up the fight anyway, it was just less than one grand. The phone call is costing me more.

I suggest for everyone who reads this to be very careful. If you can find time, shop physically. Do not rely on online shopping. And as for me. Stop wasting money!!! I should learn from this mistake. This should never happen again.