Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Last Day

It's my last day today with my outsource company. For four years, my life was different since I came from teaching. When my first time to step on to this house, I was scared because I didn't know what type of people I would be encountering though this is not my first call center job. I worked with Telus. But that time when I applied for the position, Cvg was one of the most prominent companies with high standards. Luckily, I got hired. I didn't think that I will stay that long. But I did. I met friends which I became close to. I have a few pictures who I spent 3 years of my life with cvg.

my group, Mambo # 5

My life here was like a roller coaster. There was thrill and excitement. I enjoyed every bit of the ride. I know even if I am leaving the company, it's still not the end of our lives together.

Changing Wireless Settings Part 2

I promised myself not to talk about work since I wanna enjoy this vacation. But I can't help myself because I know there are still a few of the Uverse customers who need my help and my previous team mates are sending me messages asking me what to do. I just can't keep quiet especially I hear confused people who are using an Intelligent Network Interface Device (INID) or bonded pair type of connection. I know it's confusing when you want to modify the settings of your wireless and you have 2 routers/access points/inside unit. But you don't have to be confused. Even if you have multiple access points, you will only find the system password on the ipsu or the power supply. You can check the picture below. You still use the same gateway IP address to access your router settings.

Now what if you have connectivity issues or you need to connect to the internet wirelessly? Please remember that the ssid which is usually 2WIRE and the last 3 digits of the serial number should match. You need to check if the serial number of the wireless access point and the ssid match. Because if not then you might not be able to connect. If not try to reset the system on your end using And in case you need help with the wireless passphrase or security key it's found on the router. I wish I can show you the pictures of our wireless access point.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last Supper

Last night, I ate dinner with my team mates at Dad's Kamayan and Saisaki. I enjoyed the food and the company. Though I am resigning, I know that this may not be the last time that I will go out with them because I will still be seeing them around and they are my friends. I will miss them.

My decision to resign was for me to move on and step forward not just because of some issues. I have been attempting to leave the company because of too many reasons. The only reason left was because of my group "Mambo No. 5", who I consider my second family. But now I can resign because soon they will be following me there. I am at peace to leave the company. I think I have proven my worth to the company and I have left a good legacy.

one of my rockstar certificates for perfecting the company scorecard
above is one of my rockstar certificates for having a perfect company scorecard.Yeah, I did it several times from the time I was hired. I have been getting the what they call "throne".

Below are my other latest cetificates for being a top performer year to date.

I did it! Top agent of the year
This is for being sincere in helping our customers
And for making sure that I resolve issues.
 A lot of people are worried that if I leave, they won't be able to ask me questions. I told them they can always ask questions anytime. I will still be around. I love what I am doing. I will just transfer to another company with the same support. But they have to wait for a month. I want to detoxify myself by going on vacation and they will see me again with a smiling face and ready to face the normal challenges.

Asked if I will miss my team. Of course, they are my second family.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Did I Do or Say Something Wrong?

I enrolled myself to our online forum because I wanted to extend my help to the people online or as much as I can. I don't know if somewhere I stated in the forum that I am an employee or working for my company. Anyway, I received a message telling me to state my ID. I am not impersonating or something. I just wanted to help so that we won't receive irate callers. As much as I want at the end of the call even if their service is somewhat acting up or there is a misunderstanding on the customers part I am able to make them very happy. This is also the reason why I have this blog. For me to be able to help people. Well not just the ones subscribed to our service but also the ones subscribed to my previous company. I love them both.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

DVR Keeps Deleting Recordings

One of my customers was so mad because she has been transferred several times and the issue regarding her DVR that keeps deleting recordings. I asked her to check how much of the DVR storage she has been using. She said she only had 5 recordings and it's half full. I told her since she was using VIP 1225, she ought to have 207 GB of DVR capacity. If she only has 5 and after a few recordings it autodeletes the older ones, then something must be wrong. I double checked the detailed information of her box and there I saw she had only 42 GB which is not even half of what she is supposed to have. I told her I was not going to transfer her or troubleshoot. She asked me why. I told her it's gonna be useless since we can not change the storage. We are talking about a hardware here. I sent her a new box which she agreed. I informed her that the new one looks a little bit different. But it should have 500 GB capacity. (Don't be mislead though, regardless of the storage capacity you can only save up to 203 programs). If you have any question how to find out the usage of your box feel free to comment. I will post it as soon as you request.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caller ID on Uverse Phone Says Incoming Call

     I received a call right now from an irate customer saying that they just Uverse installed and their caller ID seems not to be working fine. I believe I was the seventh representative she talked to today and she has been passed on to t2 3 times with one dropped call.

    I explained to the member the work around since it's a known issue. I told her if she does not see the name of the person yet she knows who is calling, the work around there is to add it to her address book. You can do it on your TV if you have IPTV from Uverse by going to channel 9900 and add the numbers and name the callers or you can do it by going to online account management. The website is http://att.com/myuverse. Please make sure that you are using your primary email address. Once you log in, click home phone, then choose uverse voice details. Under voice options, select address book. From there you can add new contacts, view or search for existing contacts and manage distribution groups. Once those people in your contacts call you, their names will appear.

     If the above step does not work that means that it has something to do with your phone settings. Please refer to your phone manual on how to turn it on.

    Should you have questions, clarifications or suggestions or topic that you want me to discuss feel free to write your comments.

I Fell In Love

     A lot of my friends would laugh with my preferences to guys. Maybe they just concluded it because of what they see. Many people think that if younger woman especially for Filipinas fall in love with someone older and foreigner, the woman is just after the money. That's very stereotype. I fell in love with someone half over my age. At first, I thought, I just wanted security in a relationship. I have seen too many broken relationships, marriages and families resulting to deliquent juveniles, hatred and so on. I don't include money here because I have my own job and I earn well enough that I can support my family. Anyway, I thought it was just all about security. But we experienced ups and downs. I wanted to give up once. I asked myself, why can't I leave him when there are other men. In fact willing to marry me. There's just one simple answer. I LOVE HIM!!! It does not matter if he is not rich, handsome or can give me children. It's him who makes me happy. I thought this love will not last long but we are more than two years now. All I want and pray is we stay longer and we will be together forever.

     I am sharing the video that I created on our second anniversary. I treasure every moment, minute and second of my life. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Twilight Saga

     I had to read the Twilight Saga all over again. I know it's absurd but I have read the books for like 10 times now all four of them. And even if I keep reading it, I always feel thrilled because of the extraordinary romantic story of enduring and unconditional love by Edward to Bella. I am enthralled with how the narration goes.

    It's composed of four books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I didn't mention about the Midnight Sun due to the leakage it was never published until people forget about it. (I don't know if I could.) Have a wonderful reading!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Find The Cat

I received this picture from my friend on fb asking me to find the cat on the mountain of junk. I was able to find it in 30 seconds. I wish you can find the cat camouflaging with all the trashes.

Hint: try to enlarge the picture so you will see the cat.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Talented Filipino Gay Singer

I have a lot of gay friends and I really have fun with them. Why? They are funny, multitalented and I envy their bravery and frankness. I have a few gay who I really like. I remember my friend Krison who can impersonate a few singers. I have a video here with an amazing singing talent.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What You Need To Do In Case You Just Paid Your Bill And Services Are Still Not Working

     A lot of people gets frustrated when their tv/internet account get suspended and you paid your bill and after a few hours the services are still down. Here are the simple steps that fix the problem without you calling for help:

     Remember that sequence reboot or restart of your equipment help straighten things up. First, you need to unplug the cords of the modem/router. (This applies to all internet servie providers.) Then restart your computer. Take note that if you have uverse your cable boxes are connected to the modem. Usually they use 2wire gateways. Once, the modem/router establishes connection, restart your computers and cable boxes. How? Just hold down the power button (which is the oblong green light on the left side of your box). If it doesn't work, then unplug the power cord of your cable box.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Is Kris Humphries Gay?

It seems like divorce is so prevalent in Hollywood after J. Lo and Marc Anthony, here comes the news about Kim Kardashian divorcing her husband after 72 days. Reason? It's rumored that he is gay. Wow, looking at him. I don't think so. I believe he was just being used by the lady for her own famosity. I thought they would look good together. Anyway, I feel bad for what had happened to his marriage. Wish he found someone who is not a social climber.

What Are The Uverse Calling Features?

I hope this blog helps Uverse customers on their calling features using the following star codes below:

Other features:

1. Call Forwarding- This feature allows all your calls to be transferred to another phone number. How? *72, the 10 digit phone number where you will transfer the calls and #.
2. Busy Call Forwarding- This feature allows you to transfer your call to your mailbox or to another phone when your line is busy.
3. No Answer Call Forwarding-This feature allows you to transfer your call to your mailbox or to another phone when your away from home.
4. Safe Call Forwarding- This feature allows you to transfer your call to your mailbox or to another phone when your phone is not working.

For further questions, just post your comments.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Breaking Dawn Part 1

I am an avid fan of twilight saga no matter how my friends tell me it's mushy and I should not like it at my age. I don't think it's wrong to fall in love all over again with this movie. I started watching the movie from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse now Breaking Dawn Part 1. I am too busy to go to the movies though I have free movie tickets to go out. So I looked for an online website which stream this movie. And guess I am successful.

Just for those people who don't know. I copied and pasted what this story is all about from wikipedia. Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final novel in the The Twilight Saga by American author Stephenie Meyer. Divided into three parts, the first and third sections are written from Bella Swan's perspective and the second is written from the perspective of Jacob Black. The novel directly follows the events of the previous novel, Eclipse, as Bella and Edward Cullen get married, leaving behind a heartbroken Jacob. When Bella faces an unexpected situation, she does what it takes to undergo the ultimate transformation and fight the final battle to save her love.

Breaking Dawn is split into three separate parts. The first part details Bella's marriage and honeymoon with Edward, which they spend on a private island, called Isle Esme, off the coast of Brazil. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella realizes that she is pregnant with a half-vampire, half-human child and that her condition is progressing at an unnaturally accelerated rate. After contacting Carlisle, who confirms her pregnancy, she and Edward immediately return home to Forks, Washington. Edward, concerned for Bella's life and convinced that the fetus is a monster as it continues to develop with unnatural rapidity, urges her to have an abortion. However, Bella feels a connection with her unborn baby and refuses.
The novel's second part is written from the perspective of shape-shifter Jacob Black, and lasts throughout Bella's pregnancy and childbirth. Jacob's Quileute wolf pack, not knowing what danger the unborn child may pose, plan to destroy it and kill Bella. Jacob vehemently protests this decision and leaves, forming his own pack with Seth and Leah Clearwater. The fetus in Bella's body grows swiftly and Bella soon gives birth, but the baby breaks many of her bones, including her spine, and she loses massive amounts of blood. In order to save her life, Edward changes her into a vampire by injecting his venom into her heart. Jacob, who was present for the birth, almost immediately "imprints"—an involuntary response in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate—on Edward and Bella's newborn daughter, Renesmee.
The third section of Breaking Dawn shifts back to Bella's perspective, describing Bella's painful transformation and finding herself changed into a vampire and enjoying her new life and abilities. However, the vampire Irina misidentifies Renesmee as an "immortal child", a child who has been turned into a vampire. Because "immortal children" are uncontrollable, creating them has been outlawed by the Volturi. After Irina presents her allegation to the Volturi, they plan to destroy Renesmee and the Cullens. In an attempt to survive, the Cullens gather other vampire clans from around the world to stand as witnesses and prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Upon confronting the gathered Cullen allies and witnesses, the Volturi discover that they have been misinformed and immediately execute Irina for her mistake. However, they remain undecided on whether Renesmee should be viewed as a threat to vampires' secret existence. At that time, Alice and Jasper, who had left prior to the confrontation, return with a Mapuche called Nahuel, a 150-year-old vampire-human crossbreed like Renesmee. Nahuel demonstrates that the crossbreeds pose no threat, and the Volturi leave. Edward, Bella, and Renesmee return to their home in peace.

Funny and Multi-talented Chinese Hottie

I and my officemates love reading things online about what's up with the world. We read about everything and talk about it. Since, we are working in a north American company, we experience a lot of racist customers, we discussed about how we snap implicitly at people when they are bitching us. One of my friends shared this youtube video about a multi-talented Asian guy who can sing and play musical instrument at the same time. I believe he is just 24. I find him so smart and awesome! Check one of his video out. He is so amazing!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez III: How To Order Pay Per View

A lot of us may already be calling our cable providers for the coming fight on pay per view: Manny Pacquiao vs . Juan Manuel Marquez. If your new to your cable service provider, I have a few steps that I can suggest. Just check which cable provider you are subscribed to.

Price:  $54.99

Select the "Guide" button
on your remote control. Hit "OK/Select" until the PPV category appears
on your screen. Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to the movie that
you would like to watch. Hit "OK/Select" and an ordering screen will
appear. Follow the prompts. When you complete your order, an on-screen
confirmation will appear. The channel will automatically change when
the movie is ready to begin."

SD-Ch 102
Price: $55
HD-Ch 106
Price: 65
Spanish-Ch 103

For Uverse customers, there are 2 ways for you to order pay per view. It's either you press "Guide" and "OK" then go to the particular channel or you can go to the channel where you want it to order from.. Please 
check above for reference. Once, you're on the channel, just press "OK" on the event and the ordering screen will pop up. Select play and it will tell you that you have successfully ordered the event.

Price: $54.99
There are a few channels that you can check. Try to search it on their interactive search menu.

To order Pay-Per-View press the GUIDE button on your remote control. Tune to the channel that is showing your event. Select the BUY option using the arrow keys that surround your select button on your remote. Click SELECT.

No Picture? Blue Screen? Snowy? No Signal? No TV!

Usually when you are using a universal remote control that came with your tv service provider, we unconsciously change the mode of the remote control and all of a sudden you lose picture. If you have trouble with getting picture such as getting a snowy screen, no signal, blue screen, or no channel in the masterlist, please make sure that your TV is on the right input. For Directv, Uverse or Time Warner subscribers, they usually use a converter box or set top box.  It will be very helpful if you have the manufature remote control. That means that you have to have the remote control that came with your set when you purchased it. For example, if your TV is a Sony TV please make sure that you have the Sony remote control. 

Once you have the remote control ready, please take a look at the back of the cable box. Check what type of cords you are using. Take note that if you're using an antenna or coax cable, it should be on channel 3 or 4. for hdmi, should be hdmi, for the RCA (yellow, red and white) should be on video or AV, for the component (red, blue, yellow, red and white or other equivalent color) it should be on component. The type of cord should match the input settings on your TV.

If you have already programmed the uverse remote control with your TV set, when you lose picture on your TV you can use it to change inputs. 
1. First, you need to press the TV button found on top of the remote control right next to the power button.
2. Press the TV/VIDEO button found on the right hand of the remote control just below the AUX button. 
3. Keep pressing it until you find the right input (cable, video or av, comp, rgb, hdmi). You can simply go to 03 if you're using a coax cable to connect your TV set.
4. For Uverse customers, please do not forget to press the AT&T button to prevent any inconvenience.

If you cant control the input setting of your TV using your universal remote control and you lost your TV remote control, there is still a way for you to change the input. Your TV should have buttons either on the front or side panel. For older TV's, you will find the buttons on the front panel. If you can't find a TV/VIDEO button then you can use the channel down button to change input. If your TV is HD, on the side panel, you should have either source or input button. Just keep pressing that button till you get the picture back.

What To Do When Calling For Help: Customer Service and Tech Support

Nowadays, we call centers are receiving a lot of calls and most often, you will have to wait more than 20 minutes  just to get a representative. Here are my suggestions:
1. Generally, when you have the right number of the department you are calling, just keep saying agent. If the IVR asks for some information such as account number or phone number, just keep quiet or say agent. It will not put you on qeue for the next available representative. Often when you answer the questions, either it will direct you to an automated voice recording asking you to troubleshoot if you are calling about tech issues.
2. When you're calling about tech issues from 7PM to AM next day, do not press 0 or 1. It will transfer you to billing or customer service which usually close at 7 PM local time.
3. Before calling, if you have access to the internet chat with agents first or try checking their help site. That saves your time from calling and waiting on qeue.
4. Before calling, please be ready with your security information because agents won't entertain you no matter what the issue is.
5. Please understand that technology is not as perfect as we thought. It is not the fault of the people you are chatting with or talking on the phone that you have trouble with your service. When you become irate or pick up on the rep. You will encounter these type of reps: a.) someone who will talk to you sarcastically and will drop the phone. b.) someone who is kind and the next thing you know, you were misinformed and worst you have more trouble.
6. After your call, you will receive a satisfaction survey. Please do not rate the service. You're not actually rating the company, you're taking away the jobs of those people offshore or onshore. And if you are irritated with their scripts, please take note that they are also graded with what they are saying. Allow them first to follow the scripts and after they say everything what is expected of them to say, expect that they will be spontaneous. Only a few agents care about their quality scores. You may think that people earn with the number of times you call. Actually, they earn from how they say things to you and the survey that they receive from you

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Find The Wireless Security On Your Uverse Gateway

Black Friday is coming and I am sure a lot of people are buying laptops, TV's, I-phones and other gadgets that they want to connect to their wireless/wifi. I am pretty sure, tech support will be swamped.

Here's my little tip, if you have not customized your wireless password/passphrase/WEP/WPA, just look for your gateway box. If you are using a 2wire box, it's found on it. If the box is standing upright, you need to turn it to the left and you will find bar coded stickers there. Just locate the wireless network key which is a ten (10) digit number. Don't be confused with the system password or device access code. That 10 digit code is for you to change wireless settings.

Now, if you have customized your wireless password and you have a windows 7 PC, you're lucky. There's a way for you to look for the key. Just go to the wireless properties and go to the security tab and check the box that says show characters and boom! There's the key that you can copy.

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, clarifications, feel free to post it. :)