Thursday, December 15, 2011

DVR Keeps Deleting Recordings

One of my customers was so mad because she has been transferred several times and the issue regarding her DVR that keeps deleting recordings. I asked her to check how much of the DVR storage she has been using. She said she only had 5 recordings and it's half full. I told her since she was using VIP 1225, she ought to have 207 GB of DVR capacity. If she only has 5 and after a few recordings it autodeletes the older ones, then something must be wrong. I double checked the detailed information of her box and there I saw she had only 42 GB which is not even half of what she is supposed to have. I told her I was not going to transfer her or troubleshoot. She asked me why. I told her it's gonna be useless since we can not change the storage. We are talking about a hardware here. I sent her a new box which she agreed. I informed her that the new one looks a little bit different. But it should have 500 GB capacity. (Don't be mislead though, regardless of the storage capacity you can only save up to 203 programs). If you have any question how to find out the usage of your box feel free to comment. I will post it as soon as you request.

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