Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Fell In Love

     A lot of my friends would laugh with my preferences to guys. Maybe they just concluded it because of what they see. Many people think that if younger woman especially for Filipinas fall in love with someone older and foreigner, the woman is just after the money. That's very stereotype. I fell in love with someone half over my age. At first, I thought, I just wanted security in a relationship. I have seen too many broken relationships, marriages and families resulting to deliquent juveniles, hatred and so on. I don't include money here because I have my own job and I earn well enough that I can support my family. Anyway, I thought it was just all about security. But we experienced ups and downs. I wanted to give up once. I asked myself, why can't I leave him when there are other men. In fact willing to marry me. There's just one simple answer. I LOVE HIM!!! It does not matter if he is not rich, handsome or can give me children. It's him who makes me happy. I thought this love will not last long but we are more than two years now. All I want and pray is we stay longer and we will be together forever.

     I am sharing the video that I created on our second anniversary. I treasure every moment, minute and second of my life. 

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