Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez III: How To Order Pay Per View

A lot of us may already be calling our cable providers for the coming fight on pay per view: Manny Pacquiao vs . Juan Manuel Marquez. If your new to your cable service provider, I have a few steps that I can suggest. Just check which cable provider you are subscribed to.

Price:  $54.99

Select the "Guide" button
on your remote control. Hit "OK/Select" until the PPV category appears
on your screen. Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to the movie that
you would like to watch. Hit "OK/Select" and an ordering screen will
appear. Follow the prompts. When you complete your order, an on-screen
confirmation will appear. The channel will automatically change when
the movie is ready to begin."

SD-Ch 102
Price: $55
HD-Ch 106
Price: 65
Spanish-Ch 103

For Uverse customers, there are 2 ways for you to order pay per view. It's either you press "Guide" and "OK" then go to the particular channel or you can go to the channel where you want it to order from.. Please 
check above for reference. Once, you're on the channel, just press "OK" on the event and the ordering screen will pop up. Select play and it will tell you that you have successfully ordered the event.

Price: $54.99
There are a few channels that you can check. Try to search it on their interactive search menu.

To order Pay-Per-View press the GUIDE button on your remote control. Tune to the channel that is showing your event. Select the BUY option using the arrow keys that surround your select button on your remote. Click SELECT.

No Picture? Blue Screen? Snowy? No Signal? No TV!

Usually when you are using a universal remote control that came with your tv service provider, we unconsciously change the mode of the remote control and all of a sudden you lose picture. If you have trouble with getting picture such as getting a snowy screen, no signal, blue screen, or no channel in the masterlist, please make sure that your TV is on the right input. For Directv, Uverse or Time Warner subscribers, they usually use a converter box or set top box.  It will be very helpful if you have the manufature remote control. That means that you have to have the remote control that came with your set when you purchased it. For example, if your TV is a Sony TV please make sure that you have the Sony remote control. 

Once you have the remote control ready, please take a look at the back of the cable box. Check what type of cords you are using. Take note that if you're using an antenna or coax cable, it should be on channel 3 or 4. for hdmi, should be hdmi, for the RCA (yellow, red and white) should be on video or AV, for the component (red, blue, yellow, red and white or other equivalent color) it should be on component. The type of cord should match the input settings on your TV.

If you have already programmed the uverse remote control with your TV set, when you lose picture on your TV you can use it to change inputs. 
1. First, you need to press the TV button found on top of the remote control right next to the power button.
2. Press the TV/VIDEO button found on the right hand of the remote control just below the AUX button. 
3. Keep pressing it until you find the right input (cable, video or av, comp, rgb, hdmi). You can simply go to 03 if you're using a coax cable to connect your TV set.
4. For Uverse customers, please do not forget to press the AT&T button to prevent any inconvenience.

If you cant control the input setting of your TV using your universal remote control and you lost your TV remote control, there is still a way for you to change the input. Your TV should have buttons either on the front or side panel. For older TV's, you will find the buttons on the front panel. If you can't find a TV/VIDEO button then you can use the channel down button to change input. If your TV is HD, on the side panel, you should have either source or input button. Just keep pressing that button till you get the picture back.

What To Do When Calling For Help: Customer Service and Tech Support

Nowadays, we call centers are receiving a lot of calls and most often, you will have to wait more than 20 minutes  just to get a representative. Here are my suggestions:
1. Generally, when you have the right number of the department you are calling, just keep saying agent. If the IVR asks for some information such as account number or phone number, just keep quiet or say agent. It will not put you on qeue for the next available representative. Often when you answer the questions, either it will direct you to an automated voice recording asking you to troubleshoot if you are calling about tech issues.
2. When you're calling about tech issues from 7PM to AM next day, do not press 0 or 1. It will transfer you to billing or customer service which usually close at 7 PM local time.
3. Before calling, if you have access to the internet chat with agents first or try checking their help site. That saves your time from calling and waiting on qeue.
4. Before calling, please be ready with your security information because agents won't entertain you no matter what the issue is.
5. Please understand that technology is not as perfect as we thought. It is not the fault of the people you are chatting with or talking on the phone that you have trouble with your service. When you become irate or pick up on the rep. You will encounter these type of reps: a.) someone who will talk to you sarcastically and will drop the phone. b.) someone who is kind and the next thing you know, you were misinformed and worst you have more trouble.
6. After your call, you will receive a satisfaction survey. Please do not rate the service. You're not actually rating the company, you're taking away the jobs of those people offshore or onshore. And if you are irritated with their scripts, please take note that they are also graded with what they are saying. Allow them first to follow the scripts and after they say everything what is expected of them to say, expect that they will be spontaneous. Only a few agents care about their quality scores. You may think that people earn with the number of times you call. Actually, they earn from how they say things to you and the survey that they receive from you

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Find The Wireless Security On Your Uverse Gateway

Black Friday is coming and I am sure a lot of people are buying laptops, TV's, I-phones and other gadgets that they want to connect to their wireless/wifi. I am pretty sure, tech support will be swamped.

Here's my little tip, if you have not customized your wireless password/passphrase/WEP/WPA, just look for your gateway box. If you are using a 2wire box, it's found on it. If the box is standing upright, you need to turn it to the left and you will find bar coded stickers there. Just locate the wireless network key which is a ten (10) digit number. Don't be confused with the system password or device access code. That 10 digit code is for you to change wireless settings.

Now, if you have customized your wireless password and you have a windows 7 PC, you're lucky. There's a way for you to look for the key. Just go to the wireless properties and go to the security tab and check the box that says show characters and boom! There's the key that you can copy.

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, clarifications, feel free to post it. :)