Friday, November 11, 2011

No Picture? Blue Screen? Snowy? No Signal? No TV!

Usually when you are using a universal remote control that came with your tv service provider, we unconsciously change the mode of the remote control and all of a sudden you lose picture. If you have trouble with getting picture such as getting a snowy screen, no signal, blue screen, or no channel in the masterlist, please make sure that your TV is on the right input. For Directv, Uverse or Time Warner subscribers, they usually use a converter box or set top box.  It will be very helpful if you have the manufature remote control. That means that you have to have the remote control that came with your set when you purchased it. For example, if your TV is a Sony TV please make sure that you have the Sony remote control. 

Once you have the remote control ready, please take a look at the back of the cable box. Check what type of cords you are using. Take note that if you're using an antenna or coax cable, it should be on channel 3 or 4. for hdmi, should be hdmi, for the RCA (yellow, red and white) should be on video or AV, for the component (red, blue, yellow, red and white or other equivalent color) it should be on component. The type of cord should match the input settings on your TV.

If you have already programmed the uverse remote control with your TV set, when you lose picture on your TV you can use it to change inputs. 
1. First, you need to press the TV button found on top of the remote control right next to the power button.
2. Press the TV/VIDEO button found on the right hand of the remote control just below the AUX button. 
3. Keep pressing it until you find the right input (cable, video or av, comp, rgb, hdmi). You can simply go to 03 if you're using a coax cable to connect your TV set.
4. For Uverse customers, please do not forget to press the AT&T button to prevent any inconvenience.

If you cant control the input setting of your TV using your universal remote control and you lost your TV remote control, there is still a way for you to change the input. Your TV should have buttons either on the front or side panel. For older TV's, you will find the buttons on the front panel. If you can't find a TV/VIDEO button then you can use the channel down button to change input. If your TV is HD, on the side panel, you should have either source or input button. Just keep pressing that button till you get the picture back.

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