Saturday, February 18, 2012

Link Light Off On Uverse Receiver

I have shown you what the back of the Uverse box looks like. Now, we need to understand the lights on the receivers. It is good for you to understand the lights on your receiver so that you will know what troubleshooting steps you can do on your end before calling. Regardless of the brand and unit model, Uverse receivers have the same LED lights.

1. Power-This is the oblong light usually found on the left hand side of your box. If it is off, make sure that the power cord is properly connected and plugged in to a working power outlet. The power light usually blinks after a reboot. It can blink up to 60 seconds. If it doesn't power on or continuously blink after rebooting, just call tech support and have it replaced.

2. Link-This light indicates if your set top box is getting sync/signal from the residential gateway. Check if the other boxes that you have at home are working fine. Who knows, it has something to do with the whole services. If it is affecting multiple set top boxes, try a sequential reboot. That means you need to start from the gateway which is your modem box. Once the modem is up and running, try rebooting the affected receivers. If it is just a single box, make sure that the coax cable is properly connected to the wall and correctly connected on the back of the box labeled to the wall video in. Or the ethernet cable (a telephone looking cord) is connected to any of the yellow outlined port labeled local ethernet on the back of the modem box (either 2wire 3800/3801). Make sure that the other end of the ethernet cord is properly connected to network on the back of your receiver. If the connection is correct and link light is still off, it is an inside wiring issue. Make sure you have the home wiring protection plan which is $5 a month so you won't have to pay for the dispatch and the replacement of cables.

3. HD- This is the only blue light on your receiver. If it is off then that means the aspect ratio is set to standard def only. If it is on, then 720p/1080i is turned on on your box. If it is, make sure your TV is hd capable and you are using either hdmi cable or component cable.

4. Record- This is the red light on your box. If the light is on that indicates that you are currently recording something. If this light stays on even if your not recording something try rebooting your box by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Understanding Your Uverse Box

This picture shows you the back of Uverse boxes regardless of the model. I hope this will help you understand how cables should be connected on the back of your box.

1. TO WALL (VIDEO IN)- Coaxial input for HPNA connection. The other end should always go to the wall.
2. HDMI- Connects to a high-definition TV or home theater receiver with an HDMI input (for a DVI input, use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter)
3. NETWORK- This is an ethernet cable which you can connect to any of the yellow outlined ethernet ports on the back of your 3800/3801 HGV modem.. 
4. COMPONENT RCA-component video outputs to an HDTV. y for yellow/green, pb for blue, pr for red. These are the usual colors. 
5. S-VIDEO-High quality video output to a VCR or TV that accepts S-Video. It carries video only; you must also connect to the TV or home theater receiver for audio.
6. OPTICAL- S/PDIF audio output to a digital home theater receiver.
7. VIDEO OUT-composite RCA-type video outputs to a TV, VCR, DVD recorder, or other device.
8. AUDIO OUT-L for red and R for white.
9. TO TV (VIDEO OUT)- Coaxial output to a TV or VCR.
10. USB- USB 2.0 connector.
11. POWER +12V DC- Connector for the DC power adapter.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update On Uverse Channel Programming Changes

Cable TV service programming changes from time to time. Same goes to AT&T Uverse. Though they are usually able to renew or extend contracts, but in some cases they will no longer have rights to carry those channels. For more info please visit, are the changes:

February 2012: 
The impacted channels are ION East (channel 195), ION Life (channel 468), and qubo (channel 328 and channel 3061).
In addition the impacted local channels include: 
(1) For Alabama, in the Birmingham area, WPXH (channel 44 and 1044 in HD); 
(2) For California, in the Los Angeles area, KPXN (channel 30 and 1030 in HD); in the Sacramento area, KSPX (channel 29 and 1029 in HD); and in the
      San Francisco area, KKPX (channel 65 and 1065 in HD);
(3) For Connecticut, in the Harford area, WHPX (channel 26 and 1026 in HD);
(4) For Florida, in the Jacksonville area, WPXC (channel 21 and 1021 in HD); in the Miami area, WPXM (channel 35 and 1035 in HD); in the Orlando  
      area, WOPX (channel 56 and 1056 in HD); and in the West Palm Beach area, WPXP (channel 67 and 1067 in HD); 
(5) For Georgia, in the Atlanta area, WPXA (channel 14 and 1014 in HD);
(6) For Illinois, in the Chicago area, WCPX (channel 38 and 1038 in HD);
(7) For Indiana, in the Indianapolis area, WIPX (channel 63 and 1063 in HD);
(8) For Louisiana, in the New Orleans area, WPXL (channel 49);
(9) For Michigan, in the Detroit area, WPXD (channel 31 and 1031 in HD); and in the Grand Rapids area, WZPX (channel 43 and 1043 in HD);
(10) For Missouri, in the Kansas City area, WPXE (channel 55 and 1055 in HD), and KPXE (channel 50 and 1050 in HD);
(11) For New York, in the New York City area, WPXN (channel 31 and 1031 in HD);
(12) For North Carolina, in the Raleigh area, WRPX (channel 47 and 1047 in HD); and in the Greensboro area, WGPX (16 and 1016 in HD);
(13) For Ohio, in the Cleveland-Akron (Canton) areas, WVPX (channel 23 and 1023 in HD);
(14) For Oklahoma, in the Oklahoma City area, KOPX (channel 62 and 1062 in HD); and in the Tulsa area, KTPX (channel 44 and 1044 in HD);
(15) For Tennessee, in the Knoxville area, WPXK (channel 54 and 1054 in HD); in the Memphis area, WPXX (channel 50 and 1050 in HD); and in the  
        Nashville area, WNPX (channel 28 and 1028 in HD);
(16) For Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas, KPXD (channel 68 and 1068 in HD); in the Houston area, KPXB (channel 49 and 1049 in HD); and in the
        San Antonio area, KPXL (channel 26 and 1026 in HD).

March 2012:
The impacted national channels (in alphabetical order) are 5StarMAX (channel 840 and 1840 in HD), ActionMAX (channel 836 and 1836 in HD), ActionMAX West (channel 837 and 1837 in HD), ATMAX (channel 846 and 1846 in HD), Cinemax East (channel 832 and 1832 in HD), Cinemax West (channel 833 and 1833 in HD), HBO Comedy (channel 810 and 1810 in HD), HBO Comedy West (channel 811 and 1811 in HD), HBO East (channel 802 and 1802 in HD), HBO Family (channel 806 and 1806 in HD),  HBO Family West (channel 807 and 1807 in HD), HBO Latino (channel 814 and 1814 in HD), HBO Latino West (channel 815 and 1815 in HD), HBO Signature (channel 808 and 1808 in HD), HBO Signature West (channel 809 and 1809 in HD), HBO West (channel 803 and 1803 in HD), HBO Zone (channel 812 and 1812 in HD), HBO Zone West (channel 813 and 1813 in HD), HBO2 (channel 804 and 1804 in HD), HBO2 West (channel 805 and 1805 in HD), HDNet (channel 1105 in HD), HDNet Movies (channel 1106 in HD), MoreMax (channel 834 and 1834 in HD), MoreMAX West (channel 835 and 1835 in HD), New England Sports Network (NESN) (channels 712/713 and 1712/1713 in HD), OuterMAX (channel 844 and 1844 in HD), Smithsonian Channel (channel 118 and 1118 in HD), Star India Plus (channel 3706), ThrillerMAX (channel 838and 1838 in HD), ThrillerMAX West (channel 839 and 1839 in HD), TVB-V (channel 3664), and WMAX (channel 842 and 1842 in HD).

March 31, 2012:
The impacted national channel is Zee TV (channel 3702).

April 2012:
The impacted national channels (in alphabetical order) are Estrella (channel 3024), INSP (channel 564) and La Familia Cosmovision (channel 3056).

In addition, AT&T’s carriage agreement with Showtime Networks, Inc. is set to expire in April. The following channels (in alphabetical order) are potentially impacted:  FLIX (channel 890); Showtime (channel 852 and 1852 in HD); Showtime -West (channel 853 and 1853 in HD); Showtime Beyond (channel 860); Showtime Extreme (channel 858 and 1858 in HD); Showtime Extreme -West (channel 859 and 1859 in HD); Showtime Family (channel 862); Showtime Next (channel 864); Showtime Showcase (channel 856 and 1856 in HD); Showtime Showcase -West (channel 857 and 1857 in HD); Showtime Too (channel 854 and 1854 in HD); Showtime Too -West (channel 855 and 1855 in HD); Showtime Women (channel 866); Smithsonian Channel (channel 118 and 1118 in HD); The Movie Channel (channel 882 and 1882 in HD); The Movie Channel -West (channel 883 and 1883 in HD); The Movie Channel Xtra (channel 884 and 1884 in HD); and The Movie Channel Xtra -West (channel 885 and 1885 in HD). IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if an agreement is reached between AT&T and Showtime, AT&T may modify the channel availability for the AT&T U-verse TV service by removing the Showtime channels listed above from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package.  In the event the Showtime channels are removed from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package, we will carry the Showtime channels consistent with the terms of any future agreement with Showtime (as permitted).

In addition, in the San Diego, CA market area, an impacted local channel is KUSI (channel 9 and 1009 in HD).

Please check my other blog on how to check your guide online so you will know if the channels have been modified.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Billing Issue: Restoral Fee

     Uverse customers have a lot of ways to pay their bills. And it is best if you are enrolled to autopay and make sure that your debit or credit card is updated. Nothing is cheap right now. You have to pay for the services that you are getting regardless of it's flaws and deficiency as technology is not perfect like the creator. 
Whenever, you have your bill paid late, you need to understand that there is a $5.00 late payment fee. Sometimes, it is hard to waive that amount. 

     What if your account gets suspended? That's the problem, for every service that you're subscribed to, you need to pay $30. Again, it's $30! So, if you have all three services, phone, tv, and internet, you will be charged $90. What do you need to do to prevent this? If you know that you will be short of budget or you won't be able to pay your bill on time, you need to call Uverse billing department, to make some sort of promissory, that you would be paying your bill on the date that you think you would be able to pay your bill. Once, you and billing rep agree, do NOT forget to get the trouble ticket number and ID of the rep so you will have reference and back up in case your account still gets suspended and you'd be paying for the restoral fee. Please don't call at night. Nobody can help you. Tech support is open 24/7. They can answer simple billing questions but don't expect them to give in to any of your request. Billing is open on weekday from 8AM to 7PM ET. If you have the direct number for the local billing department good for you. I am not sure if those numbers are still working. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Awesome Video From Dubai Tribute To Whitney Houston

I was just scanning my facebook account when I happened to check this spectacular video tribute from Dubai. W-O-W! I simply love this video.

( I do not own this video.)

Choosing Friends

My daughter has a few regrets about having friends. Maybe she is very honest and frank. She easily trusts people which is her downfall. How did it become her downfall? Her first experience was with her co-worker at Jabez. She only knew her by the name "Abby". She is a skinny dark woman whose head is almost bald. When she was fired, she sort of adopted her in her house. She was introduced by Teacher Jo, one of her co-teachers when she was still teaching.  She gave her food, money and shelter. We don't know how we could consider her. We don't know if she was normal or crazy. She was staying with her step aunt and her family. Whenever she took a bath, the door was open and we could see her. And she doesn't wear bra when she goes out of our house. Maybe we are conservative but it is unacceptable especially we were living with my step sister's husband and my nephew. I thought that was the only problem with her. I didn't know that she had a lot of debts in our neighbor's store which my daughter had to pay.
Her second bad experience was with another friend named Jonna Sajonia wife of Mark Namocatcat whom she met at Xepesys. Before she left the company, her friend insisted on making her a comaker. She was born on June 26, 1977. She was a fair chubby woman with one daughter at the time that they were together in 2008. Little that my daughter knew Jonna was not paying her debts and she was forced to pay it for her. She was informed that her friend is already in China teaching.

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I know my daughter gets into trouble helping people. People tend to forget her after she helps them. I hope she learns from all her mistakes. I know it is not bad to help. But if it causes trouble, I'd rather she will be alone with no friends than seeing her getting hurt.

Monday, February 13, 2012


It seems like Adele is so lucky this year that she got six awards. She took home:
1 Record of the Year (“Rolling in the Deep”)
2. Album of the Year (“21”)
3. Song of the Year (“Rolling in the Deep”)
4. Best Pop Solo Performance (“Someone Like You”)
5. Best Pop Vocal Album (“21”)
6. Best Short Form Music Video (“Rolling in the Deep”)


Adele Lauri Blue Adkins is an English songwriter and recording artist. Adele became the first living artist to achieve the feat of two top five hits in both the UK Official Singles Chart and the Official Albums Chart simultaneously since the  Beatles in 1964.With her third release from the album, "Set Fire to the Rain", becoming her third number one single in the US, Adele became the first artist in history to lead the Billboard 200 concurrently with three Billboard Hot 100 number ones. 21 is the longest running number one album by a female solo artist on the UK Albums Chart and is tied for the longest cumulative stay at number one by a female solo artist as well. In 2011, Billboard named Adele artist of the year. 
Following throat microsurgery in November, Adele made her live comeback at the 2012 Grammy Awards on 12 February. On 12 January 2012, Adele was nominated for three Brit Awards, with the awards ceremony taking place on 21 February 2012 at the O2 Arena, London. (from Wikipedia)

Andi Eigenmann And Me

Andi Eigenmann is an actress and model here in the Philippines whose real name is Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann. She is the daughter of Mark Gil and Jaclyn Jose both parents are in the show business. She has a daughter named Adrianna Gabrielle born on November 23, 2011.

I don't know how and when I started to like her. Maybe I can see my strong, honest and straightforward personality in her. And she is a woman who was not ashamed and stood for her pregnancy and child. I was like her too when I was young. Many people judged me for being a single mom. But I didn't care. It's not that I was a flirt or something but I value human life. For me it is better to be a "disgrasyada" than "abortionista". I love my daughter too much.

For all the single moms out there, don't be ashamed of your past. Learn from it. Be honest. But this time, be smart and wise when choosing a man. Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone you can trust.

Andi and her baby, Ellie

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Email Password Reset For Uverse and Time Warner Cable

Emails is one of the widely used type of communication from checking personal messages, sending information, joining social networks, saving important information, etc. For free emails such as yahoo, hotmail, aol and gmail, it is easy for you to reset your password as long as you remember the security question. However, in case you forget those information, there is no way for you to retrieve or reset your password. 

How about for emails which are provided by your internet provider? 

For Uverse, you are provided with a primary email which you can use to check and manage your accounts online, schedule and delete recordings on your DVR remotely, access wifi on a hotspot, access hbo go and max go and many more whatever services they are offering, you have access using your primary email address. Just go to to reset it or you can simply access this password reset website. There are times that it is hard to reset the password especially when you don't recall the answers to the security questions being asked. Do not attempt to keep logging in because it will lock you out after 6 failed attempts and if the tech support is unsuccessful in unlocking it, you will have to wait 24 hours for you to try again. So after 2 failed attempts, call tech support right away and be ready with your passcode. 

For Time Warner Cable Road Runner, you can reset your password by going to either selfcare, or If you know your password, simply reset the password by going to If you not at home, you will need to enter the captcha keys. If you happen not to know your password, just visit, on the bottom portion, you will see the list of additional services they are offering. One of them is resetting your email password. 

It will open another window that has 2 choices. Just click, I don't know my email password. 

It will require you to enter your email address. Enter your email and click submit.

If it is your first time to reset your email password, it will require you to enter the MAC address of your modem. Just look on the bottom portion of the modem and you will see MAC or EA which is patterned like this e.g. 01-23-ab-45-cd-6e. then create your security question. Please remember your answer because it is case sensitive.

If it is not your first time to reset the password, just answer the security question. If you don't remember the answer just call 800-222-5355.