Saturday, February 18, 2012

Link Light Off On Uverse Receiver

I have shown you what the back of the Uverse box looks like. Now, we need to understand the lights on the receivers. It is good for you to understand the lights on your receiver so that you will know what troubleshooting steps you can do on your end before calling. Regardless of the brand and unit model, Uverse receivers have the same LED lights.

1. Power-This is the oblong light usually found on the left hand side of your box. If it is off, make sure that the power cord is properly connected and plugged in to a working power outlet. The power light usually blinks after a reboot. It can blink up to 60 seconds. If it doesn't power on or continuously blink after rebooting, just call tech support and have it replaced.

2. Link-This light indicates if your set top box is getting sync/signal from the residential gateway. Check if the other boxes that you have at home are working fine. Who knows, it has something to do with the whole services. If it is affecting multiple set top boxes, try a sequential reboot. That means you need to start from the gateway which is your modem box. Once the modem is up and running, try rebooting the affected receivers. If it is just a single box, make sure that the coax cable is properly connected to the wall and correctly connected on the back of the box labeled to the wall video in. Or the ethernet cable (a telephone looking cord) is connected to any of the yellow outlined port labeled local ethernet on the back of the modem box (either 2wire 3800/3801). Make sure that the other end of the ethernet cord is properly connected to network on the back of your receiver. If the connection is correct and link light is still off, it is an inside wiring issue. Make sure you have the home wiring protection plan which is $5 a month so you won't have to pay for the dispatch and the replacement of cables.

3. HD- This is the only blue light on your receiver. If it is off then that means the aspect ratio is set to standard def only. If it is on, then 720p/1080i is turned on on your box. If it is, make sure your TV is hd capable and you are using either hdmi cable or component cable.

4. Record- This is the red light on your box. If the light is on that indicates that you are currently recording something. If this light stays on even if your not recording something try rebooting your box by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.

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