Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choosing Friends

My daughter has a few regrets about having friends. Maybe she is very honest and frank. She easily trusts people which is her downfall. How did it become her downfall? Her first experience was with her co-worker at Jabez. She only knew her by the name "Abby". She is a skinny dark woman whose head is almost bald. When she was fired, she sort of adopted her in her house. She was introduced by Teacher Jo, one of her co-teachers when she was still teaching.  She gave her food, money and shelter. We don't know how we could consider her. We don't know if she was normal or crazy. She was staying with her step aunt and her family. Whenever she took a bath, the door was open and we could see her. And she doesn't wear bra when she goes out of our house. Maybe we are conservative but it is unacceptable especially we were living with my step sister's husband and my nephew. I thought that was the only problem with her. I didn't know that she had a lot of debts in our neighbor's store which my daughter had to pay.
Her second bad experience was with another friend named Jonna Sajonia wife of Mark Namocatcat whom she met at Xepesys. Before she left the company, her friend insisted on making her a comaker. She was born on June 26, 1977. She was a fair chubby woman with one daughter at the time that they were together in 2008. Little that my daughter knew Jonna was not paying her debts and she was forced to pay it for her. She was informed that her friend is already in China teaching.

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I know my daughter gets into trouble helping people. People tend to forget her after she helps them. I hope she learns from all her mistakes. I know it is not bad to help. But if it causes trouble, I'd rather she will be alone with no friends than seeing her getting hurt.

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