Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Last Supper

Last night, I ate dinner with my team mates at Dad's Kamayan and Saisaki. I enjoyed the food and the company. Though I am resigning, I know that this may not be the last time that I will go out with them because I will still be seeing them around and they are my friends. I will miss them.

My decision to resign was for me to move on and step forward not just because of some issues. I have been attempting to leave the company because of too many reasons. The only reason left was because of my group "Mambo No. 5", who I consider my second family. But now I can resign because soon they will be following me there. I am at peace to leave the company. I think I have proven my worth to the company and I have left a good legacy.

one of my rockstar certificates for perfecting the company scorecard
above is one of my rockstar certificates for having a perfect company scorecard.Yeah, I did it several times from the time I was hired. I have been getting the what they call "throne".

Below are my other latest cetificates for being a top performer year to date.

I did it! Top agent of the year
This is for being sincere in helping our customers
And for making sure that I resolve issues.
 A lot of people are worried that if I leave, they won't be able to ask me questions. I told them they can always ask questions anytime. I will still be around. I love what I am doing. I will just transfer to another company with the same support. But they have to wait for a month. I want to detoxify myself by going on vacation and they will see me again with a smiling face and ready to face the normal challenges.

Asked if I will miss my team. Of course, they are my second family.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Did I Do or Say Something Wrong?

I enrolled myself to our online forum because I wanted to extend my help to the people online or as much as I can. I don't know if somewhere I stated in the forum that I am an employee or working for my company. Anyway, I received a message telling me to state my ID. I am not impersonating or something. I just wanted to help so that we won't receive irate callers. As much as I want at the end of the call even if their service is somewhat acting up or there is a misunderstanding on the customers part I am able to make them very happy. This is also the reason why I have this blog. For me to be able to help people. Well not just the ones subscribed to our service but also the ones subscribed to my previous company. I love them both.