Friday, January 27, 2012

Checking Uverse Bills Online

Uverse has a lot of ways checking bills. One of the ways is to check it online. There are 2 ways of doing it. Either the use of member ID which is your primary email address and through access ID. An AT&T access ID is a username that you create that allows you to manage your cellphone, telco (regular landline), internet (pertaining to dsl) and Uverse. (Note: You cannot link a small business account.) A member ID is the main email address that you created on your uverse install or the email that you used to migrate if you had dsl service.
If you have forgotten your access ID, just go to On the right side, you will see access your account. Just click the link forgot your user ID?  and it will direct you to enter your contact email. Please remember to update your call back number and contact email information especially if you have Uverse service. homepage

enter contact email

If you have not created or linked your account with an access ID yet and forgot your member ID, if you have uverse IPTV service, all you need to do is to get your remote control. Launch U-bar by pressing Go Interactive and then press OK. Scroll to the settings option and press OK again. (please refer to my diagram if you need a guide on Uverse standard remote control)Your primary email will display on the left side of the screen about half way down. If you don't have tv service just call 8002882020. 

The secret to reaching a live rep is to say tech support and Uverse. If it doesn't work just keep saying tech support or just keep quiet. If your account is an INId account just contact 877-334-8112. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Uverse Standard Remote Control

     I just wanna share a picture of the Uverse standard remote control. This will be a reference picture for all other troubleshooting steps that I will be posting for you to have a guide.

     Please take note that there are 3 uverse standard black remote control. They are s10-s1, s10-s2 and s10-s3. I heard that the s10-s3 is way much better because any issues such incompatibility and down volume not working issues are rare with this remote control. 

I just got my blog updated regarding the black remote control. As I checked the manufacture codes that you can use to manually program the remote control, they are all the same. For those silver remote control users, please wait for my blog about it.

Back To Normal Life

Finally, I am back here in my room. I will be able to sleep well on my bed. For a few days, I have been away. I went to the province when my grandmother died. Our plan was to stay in Nabua till the interment. However, I mentioned on my previous blogs about us not being in good terms with my aunt. I was right, it did not go well. Because she listened to her husband who is cheating with her and her adopted son who does not respect her. She asked us to leave when we tried to humble ourselves for the sake of my grandma. 

     I have been up in the mountain of Isarog because that's where my family are temporarily staying. Though there is abundant of food because you can find fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, crabs and shells nearby, the place is not as good as where I am where I can use the internet, the comfort room and the drinking water. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I was happy there It's good to be with my family. But I need to start my job. It's hard if I am not earning. I have to work hard for them. I just wish this new life will bring us abundant of blessings with the help of God. I promise to control myself and take away my bad habits.
us going up the mountain

our place with a lot of banana, coconut and vegetables

we just have to go to the creek to get fish and freshwater shells