Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Last Day

It's my last day today with my outsource company. For four years, my life was different since I came from teaching. When my first time to step on to this house, I was scared because I didn't know what type of people I would be encountering though this is not my first call center job. I worked with Telus. But that time when I applied for the position, Cvg was one of the most prominent companies with high standards. Luckily, I got hired. I didn't think that I will stay that long. But I did. I met friends which I became close to. I have a few pictures who I spent 3 years of my life with cvg.

my group, Mambo # 5

My life here was like a roller coaster. There was thrill and excitement. I enjoyed every bit of the ride. I know even if I am leaving the company, it's still not the end of our lives together.

Changing Wireless Settings Part 2

I promised myself not to talk about work since I wanna enjoy this vacation. But I can't help myself because I know there are still a few of the Uverse customers who need my help and my previous team mates are sending me messages asking me what to do. I just can't keep quiet especially I hear confused people who are using an Intelligent Network Interface Device (INID) or bonded pair type of connection. I know it's confusing when you want to modify the settings of your wireless and you have 2 routers/access points/inside unit. But you don't have to be confused. Even if you have multiple access points, you will only find the system password on the ipsu or the power supply. You can check the picture below. You still use the same gateway IP address to access your router settings.

Now what if you have connectivity issues or you need to connect to the internet wirelessly? Please remember that the ssid which is usually 2WIRE and the last 3 digits of the serial number should match. You need to check if the serial number of the wireless access point and the ssid match. Because if not then you might not be able to connect. If not try to reset the system on your end using And in case you need help with the wireless passphrase or security key it's found on the router. I wish I can show you the pictures of our wireless access point.