Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update On Uverse Channel Programming Changes

Cable TV service programming changes from time to time. Same goes to AT&T Uverse. Though they are usually able to renew or extend contracts, but in some cases they will no longer have rights to carry those channels. For more info please visit, are the changes:

February 2012: 
The impacted channels are ION East (channel 195), ION Life (channel 468), and qubo (channel 328 and channel 3061).
In addition the impacted local channels include: 
(1) For Alabama, in the Birmingham area, WPXH (channel 44 and 1044 in HD); 
(2) For California, in the Los Angeles area, KPXN (channel 30 and 1030 in HD); in the Sacramento area, KSPX (channel 29 and 1029 in HD); and in the
      San Francisco area, KKPX (channel 65 and 1065 in HD);
(3) For Connecticut, in the Harford area, WHPX (channel 26 and 1026 in HD);
(4) For Florida, in the Jacksonville area, WPXC (channel 21 and 1021 in HD); in the Miami area, WPXM (channel 35 and 1035 in HD); in the Orlando  
      area, WOPX (channel 56 and 1056 in HD); and in the West Palm Beach area, WPXP (channel 67 and 1067 in HD); 
(5) For Georgia, in the Atlanta area, WPXA (channel 14 and 1014 in HD);
(6) For Illinois, in the Chicago area, WCPX (channel 38 and 1038 in HD);
(7) For Indiana, in the Indianapolis area, WIPX (channel 63 and 1063 in HD);
(8) For Louisiana, in the New Orleans area, WPXL (channel 49);
(9) For Michigan, in the Detroit area, WPXD (channel 31 and 1031 in HD); and in the Grand Rapids area, WZPX (channel 43 and 1043 in HD);
(10) For Missouri, in the Kansas City area, WPXE (channel 55 and 1055 in HD), and KPXE (channel 50 and 1050 in HD);
(11) For New York, in the New York City area, WPXN (channel 31 and 1031 in HD);
(12) For North Carolina, in the Raleigh area, WRPX (channel 47 and 1047 in HD); and in the Greensboro area, WGPX (16 and 1016 in HD);
(13) For Ohio, in the Cleveland-Akron (Canton) areas, WVPX (channel 23 and 1023 in HD);
(14) For Oklahoma, in the Oklahoma City area, KOPX (channel 62 and 1062 in HD); and in the Tulsa area, KTPX (channel 44 and 1044 in HD);
(15) For Tennessee, in the Knoxville area, WPXK (channel 54 and 1054 in HD); in the Memphis area, WPXX (channel 50 and 1050 in HD); and in the  
        Nashville area, WNPX (channel 28 and 1028 in HD);
(16) For Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas, KPXD (channel 68 and 1068 in HD); in the Houston area, KPXB (channel 49 and 1049 in HD); and in the
        San Antonio area, KPXL (channel 26 and 1026 in HD).

March 2012:
The impacted national channels (in alphabetical order) are 5StarMAX (channel 840 and 1840 in HD), ActionMAX (channel 836 and 1836 in HD), ActionMAX West (channel 837 and 1837 in HD), ATMAX (channel 846 and 1846 in HD), Cinemax East (channel 832 and 1832 in HD), Cinemax West (channel 833 and 1833 in HD), HBO Comedy (channel 810 and 1810 in HD), HBO Comedy West (channel 811 and 1811 in HD), HBO East (channel 802 and 1802 in HD), HBO Family (channel 806 and 1806 in HD),  HBO Family West (channel 807 and 1807 in HD), HBO Latino (channel 814 and 1814 in HD), HBO Latino West (channel 815 and 1815 in HD), HBO Signature (channel 808 and 1808 in HD), HBO Signature West (channel 809 and 1809 in HD), HBO West (channel 803 and 1803 in HD), HBO Zone (channel 812 and 1812 in HD), HBO Zone West (channel 813 and 1813 in HD), HBO2 (channel 804 and 1804 in HD), HBO2 West (channel 805 and 1805 in HD), HDNet (channel 1105 in HD), HDNet Movies (channel 1106 in HD), MoreMax (channel 834 and 1834 in HD), MoreMAX West (channel 835 and 1835 in HD), New England Sports Network (NESN) (channels 712/713 and 1712/1713 in HD), OuterMAX (channel 844 and 1844 in HD), Smithsonian Channel (channel 118 and 1118 in HD), Star India Plus (channel 3706), ThrillerMAX (channel 838and 1838 in HD), ThrillerMAX West (channel 839 and 1839 in HD), TVB-V (channel 3664), and WMAX (channel 842 and 1842 in HD).

March 31, 2012:
The impacted national channel is Zee TV (channel 3702).

April 2012:
The impacted national channels (in alphabetical order) are Estrella (channel 3024), INSP (channel 564) and La Familia Cosmovision (channel 3056).

In addition, AT&T’s carriage agreement with Showtime Networks, Inc. is set to expire in April. The following channels (in alphabetical order) are potentially impacted:  FLIX (channel 890); Showtime (channel 852 and 1852 in HD); Showtime -West (channel 853 and 1853 in HD); Showtime Beyond (channel 860); Showtime Extreme (channel 858 and 1858 in HD); Showtime Extreme -West (channel 859 and 1859 in HD); Showtime Family (channel 862); Showtime Next (channel 864); Showtime Showcase (channel 856 and 1856 in HD); Showtime Showcase -West (channel 857 and 1857 in HD); Showtime Too (channel 854 and 1854 in HD); Showtime Too -West (channel 855 and 1855 in HD); Showtime Women (channel 866); Smithsonian Channel (channel 118 and 1118 in HD); The Movie Channel (channel 882 and 1882 in HD); The Movie Channel -West (channel 883 and 1883 in HD); The Movie Channel Xtra (channel 884 and 1884 in HD); and The Movie Channel Xtra -West (channel 885 and 1885 in HD). IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if an agreement is reached between AT&T and Showtime, AT&T may modify the channel availability for the AT&T U-verse TV service by removing the Showtime channels listed above from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package.  In the event the Showtime channels are removed from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package, we will carry the Showtime channels consistent with the terms of any future agreement with Showtime (as permitted).

In addition, in the San Diego, CA market area, an impacted local channel is KUSI (channel 9 and 1009 in HD).

Please check my other blog on how to check your guide online so you will know if the channels have been modified.

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