Friday, February 17, 2012

Understanding Your Uverse Box

This picture shows you the back of Uverse boxes regardless of the model. I hope this will help you understand how cables should be connected on the back of your box.

1. TO WALL (VIDEO IN)- Coaxial input for HPNA connection. The other end should always go to the wall.
2. HDMI- Connects to a high-definition TV or home theater receiver with an HDMI input (for a DVI input, use an HDMI-to-DVI adapter)
3. NETWORK- This is an ethernet cable which you can connect to any of the yellow outlined ethernet ports on the back of your 3800/3801 HGV modem.. 
4. COMPONENT RCA-component video outputs to an HDTV. y for yellow/green, pb for blue, pr for red. These are the usual colors. 
5. S-VIDEO-High quality video output to a VCR or TV that accepts S-Video. It carries video only; you must also connect to the TV or home theater receiver for audio.
6. OPTICAL- S/PDIF audio output to a digital home theater receiver.
7. VIDEO OUT-composite RCA-type video outputs to a TV, VCR, DVD recorder, or other device.
8. AUDIO OUT-L for red and R for white.
9. TO TV (VIDEO OUT)- Coaxial output to a TV or VCR.
10. USB- USB 2.0 connector.
11. POWER +12V DC- Connector for the DC power adapter.

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