Friday, November 11, 2011

What To Do When Calling For Help: Customer Service and Tech Support

Nowadays, we call centers are receiving a lot of calls and most often, you will have to wait more than 20 minutes  just to get a representative. Here are my suggestions:
1. Generally, when you have the right number of the department you are calling, just keep saying agent. If the IVR asks for some information such as account number or phone number, just keep quiet or say agent. It will not put you on qeue for the next available representative. Often when you answer the questions, either it will direct you to an automated voice recording asking you to troubleshoot if you are calling about tech issues.
2. When you're calling about tech issues from 7PM to AM next day, do not press 0 or 1. It will transfer you to billing or customer service which usually close at 7 PM local time.
3. Before calling, if you have access to the internet chat with agents first or try checking their help site. That saves your time from calling and waiting on qeue.
4. Before calling, please be ready with your security information because agents won't entertain you no matter what the issue is.
5. Please understand that technology is not as perfect as we thought. It is not the fault of the people you are chatting with or talking on the phone that you have trouble with your service. When you become irate or pick up on the rep. You will encounter these type of reps: a.) someone who will talk to you sarcastically and will drop the phone. b.) someone who is kind and the next thing you know, you were misinformed and worst you have more trouble.
6. After your call, you will receive a satisfaction survey. Please do not rate the service. You're not actually rating the company, you're taking away the jobs of those people offshore or onshore. And if you are irritated with their scripts, please take note that they are also graded with what they are saying. Allow them first to follow the scripts and after they say everything what is expected of them to say, expect that they will be spontaneous. Only a few agents care about their quality scores. You may think that people earn with the number of times you call. Actually, they earn from how they say things to you and the survey that they receive from you

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