Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To Find The Wireless Security On Your Uverse Gateway

Black Friday is coming and I am sure a lot of people are buying laptops, TV's, I-phones and other gadgets that they want to connect to their wireless/wifi. I am pretty sure, tech support will be swamped.

Here's my little tip, if you have not customized your wireless password/passphrase/WEP/WPA, just look for your gateway box. If you are using a 2wire box, it's found on it. If the box is standing upright, you need to turn it to the left and you will find bar coded stickers there. Just locate the wireless network key which is a ten (10) digit number. Don't be confused with the system password or device access code. That 10 digit code is for you to change wireless settings.

Now, if you have customized your wireless password and you have a windows 7 PC, you're lucky. There's a way for you to look for the key. Just go to the wireless properties and go to the security tab and check the box that says show characters and boom! There's the key that you can copy.

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, clarifications, feel free to post it. :)

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