Friday, November 11, 2011

Pacquiao Vs Marquez III: How To Order Pay Per View

A lot of us may already be calling our cable providers for the coming fight on pay per view: Manny Pacquiao vs . Juan Manuel Marquez. If your new to your cable service provider, I have a few steps that I can suggest. Just check which cable provider you are subscribed to.

Price:  $54.99

Select the "Guide" button
on your remote control. Hit "OK/Select" until the PPV category appears
on your screen. Using the arrow buttons, scroll down to the movie that
you would like to watch. Hit "OK/Select" and an ordering screen will
appear. Follow the prompts. When you complete your order, an on-screen
confirmation will appear. The channel will automatically change when
the movie is ready to begin."

SD-Ch 102
Price: $55
HD-Ch 106
Price: 65
Spanish-Ch 103

For Uverse customers, there are 2 ways for you to order pay per view. It's either you press "Guide" and "OK" then go to the particular channel or you can go to the channel where you want it to order from.. Please 
check above for reference. Once, you're on the channel, just press "OK" on the event and the ordering screen will pop up. Select play and it will tell you that you have successfully ordered the event.

Price: $54.99
There are a few channels that you can check. Try to search it on their interactive search menu.

To order Pay-Per-View press the GUIDE button on your remote control. Tune to the channel that is showing your event. Select the BUY option using the arrow keys that surround your select button on your remote. Click SELECT.

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