Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caller ID on Uverse Phone Says Incoming Call

     I received a call right now from an irate customer saying that they just Uverse installed and their caller ID seems not to be working fine. I believe I was the seventh representative she talked to today and she has been passed on to t2 3 times with one dropped call.

    I explained to the member the work around since it's a known issue. I told her if she does not see the name of the person yet she knows who is calling, the work around there is to add it to her address book. You can do it on your TV if you have IPTV from Uverse by going to channel 9900 and add the numbers and name the callers or you can do it by going to online account management. The website is http://att.com/myuverse. Please make sure that you are using your primary email address. Once you log in, click home phone, then choose uverse voice details. Under voice options, select address book. From there you can add new contacts, view or search for existing contacts and manage distribution groups. Once those people in your contacts call you, their names will appear.

     If the above step does not work that means that it has something to do with your phone settings. Please refer to your phone manual on how to turn it on.

    Should you have questions, clarifications or suggestions or topic that you want me to discuss feel free to write your comments.

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