Monday, January 16, 2012

Is It True That I Can Watch Uverse On My Smartphone?

     For many months, I have been receiving calls with the same questions, "Is it true I can watch Uverse on my phone?", "Can I watch Uverse on my phone?" The answer is possible. It depends on the phone that you are using. Not all smartphones are compatible with Uverse. If you have u200 and above and have at&t cellphone service, you can text "Mobile" to 3421 to check if your phone is compatible.

    If your phone is compatible, subscribe to the download feature. Once subscribed, tap Watch in the menu bar.

Tap B to pull up the list of shows that you can download. 

Shows are listed by network initially.  You can change to an alphabetical listing of shows by tapping the A-Z button. Tap a show to bring up a listing of all available episodes for that show. Just tap the download button to begin downloading a show.

Tap the Back button at the top of the screen to return to the show listing. Tap Watch Now to bring up a listing of all of the shows which have been downloaded and which are in the process of downloading.  Shows with more than one episode downloaded will show a quantity to the right of the show.  Single episodes will show the quick play arrow button.

Tap a show to go to the listing of episodes or to go to the detail page for that show.  Tap the green quick playback arrow button from the shows listing or the Watch Now button on the show detail page to begin playing the show.

You can also tap the Subscribe Season button to queue all available shows for download. When shows become available for that series in the future, with series subscription, your app will download them automatically when you open the app and have WiFi access. Shows will only download over a WiFi network, but you can browse the catalog and queue up a list of shows over the cellular network. When you next open the app with WiFi access, any queued shows will begin to download.

Take note that this is just a sample of the iphone interface. It may vary depending on your phone.

source: at&t support website

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