Saturday, March 10, 2012

Talking Caller ID Not Working

Sometimes it is just hard to convince people that events happen on coincidence. Like, there is this person whose talking caller ID stopped working after installation of his new service. Put the blame on his service provider.  First, we need to understand that caller ID is a phone feature more so when it tells you who is calling. This feature will function as long as it is enabled and properly configured.  If it does not work, then we need to read the manual before putting the blame on anyone.

Let’s take this example, Panasonic KXT64 series that has that feature. For this type of phones, you just have to press the menu button, then the # and 162 press up or down scroll buttons to turn it off or on and then press save. Then press the off button to exit out of it. Another Panasonic phone series, TG93330 series, it is almost the same. For handset, just press menu enter 162 then press 1 for on and 0 for off. For base unit press menu then *162 then press 1 for on and 0 for off.  You can refer below, just click the pictures to check the programming codes for you to have a guide. It only applies to Panasonic phone TG9333 series. Please refer to your phone manual. Also, please take into consideration the party calling you, their outgoing caller ID should be turned on because your phone will not give you the information that they do not have.  There are just some people who does not wanna show their name and phone numbers thus it appears their number is private, unknown or unavailable.  

Programming Features


*1 If “System setting” column is checked, you do not need to program the same item 
using another handset.
*2 If you subscribe to Caller ID service and want to view the caller’s information after 
lifting up the handset to answer a call, turn off this feature.
*3 Turn this feature off if you prefer not to hear key tones while you are dialing or 
pressing any keys, including confirmation tones and error tones.
*4 If you subscribe to a distinctive ring service (such as IDENTA-RING), select a tone 
(tone 1 to 3). If you select a melody, you cannot distinguish lines by their ringers.
*5 If you select one of the melody ringer tones, the ringer tone will continue to play for 
several seconds even if the caller has already hung up. You may either hear a dial 
tone or no one on the line when you answer the call.
*6 The flash time depends on your telephone exchange or host PBX. Contact your 
PBX supplier if necessary. The setting should stay at “700ms” unless pressing 
{FLASH} fails to pick up the waiting call.
*7 Generally, the line mode setting should not be adjusted. If “Line in use” is not 
displayed when another phone connected to the same line is in use, you need to 
change the line mode to “A”.
*8 This feature allows the unit to automatically adjust the date and time setting when 
caller information is received. To use this feature, set the date and time first.

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