Monday, March 26, 2012

Time Warner Cable HD-DVR

Just like other service providers, Time Warner has also a DVR box. With a DVR you can:
  • Pause live TV for up to one hour, or fast-forward to catch up on your favorite shows. 
  • Watch one live show while recording another.
  • Store up to 80 hours on most DVRs and 25 hours on HD-DVRs.

If you have the whole house HD-DVR enabled. More features are available such as: 
  • Record a show in one room, watch it in up to four rooms at the same time.
  • Record up to two shows at once.
  • Store up to 75 hours of HD programming.

If you want to avail of this you can call 8558209903 or you can order online. It's just an additional 19.95 not including the equipment.

Additional Notes: 
Does a DVR-enabled set-top box cost more than a digital cable set-top box?
Yes. However, many of our Price Lock Guarantee packages include the DVR at a discounted rate.
Can I record from my DVR to my VCR or recordable DVD player?
Yes. Connect the "Cable Out" jack on the back of the DVR to the "Cable In" jack on the back of the VCR or DVD. Connect the "Cable Out" jack (sometimes labeled "Out to TV") on the back of the player to the back of the TV. Set the VCR or DVD to channel 3. Make sure there is a blank tape or recordable DVD in the player. Go into the DVR list and play the show or movie you wish to record. Hit the "Record" button on your VCR or DVD player. The player will record whatever is being displayed on the TV screen. Note: You will not be able to watch another program during the recording process.

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