Thursday, June 28, 2012


I made a mistake in trusting a friend AGAIN. I met a woman next door who always knocked and asked help with her laptop. I helped her, treated her my friend and older sister. When I thought that she was a good person I introduced her to a rich man who is a friend who helped me when I was down. As a thank you gift, I thought it was good if I introduce them. I thought it was good. But I didn't know that she is somewhat possessive. She thought that when they were exchanging emails, they were considered boyfriend and girlfriend. So when I introduced another woman she went berserk and said I was defaming her. I haven't said anything bad about her. I just said a lot of good things about another woman. This was also to see what was wrong why the progress is too slow between them. But she started saying bad things about me. She has gone overboard. I asked one of her friends sympathizing, if she was the one who she was telling me the married girl who went with an Indian man and used his last name. Her name is Gricelda. I told her not to believe her because she doesn't know if she is being betrayed by what she is doing. Getting attention and sympathy. I told her that she doesn't don't know what Ate Arlene told me about her personality. She told me that Ate Arlene said she was a prostitute. She uses her Indian boyfriend's last name. She is ugly and has too much guts to show off her tummy.

When I did that she went here with a knife. And shouting. I got so pissed off. So I told my old friend all about her secret. Truth is she has an affair with a policeman. She has cases because she is a "fixer" at LTO. She had the nerve to fight with the wife of the policeman. And while she is pursuing Clive she was also chatting with Adriano who lied that he was an Italian. Though, she stood him up when she learned that Adriano is black and that he is not really rich. She thought that he was rich. I told her to concentrate on Clive because I am sure she will have a good life.

When she attacked me. My landlady went down. I told her what has happened. My landlady said she knows everything because the people downstairs are her family who tell her that Ate Arlene is really lying. She has made so much lies that my landlady wants her to leave. I told my landlady to forgive her because she has problems in her place. And everyone deserves a second chance.

I thought it ends there. She never stopped. She even sent a message to the fortune teller. She is telling lies again. But bad for her. They are good. I believe that good always wins. They know now the truth. And Armando is right. Do not trust that woman.

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