Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fox News Channel On Uverse

Effective June 18, 2012, Fox news channel is no longer part of the u100 package. So for those customers who are subscribed to u100, you need to upgrade your service to u200 so you can get the channels that were part of u100. This may surprise you but that only took effect on the said date. But the news regarding the change was announced way before. 

June 19, 2012

AT&T's contracts with programmers for the content displayed on our U-verse TV service periodically expire, but are usually re-negotiated or extended with no interruption or change for our U-verse members. Contract(s) for the programming listed below are set to expire as indicated, and AT&T is making every effort to reach a fair agreement to continue carriage. However, if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached with such programmer(s), we will no longer have the rights to carry their programming on U-verse TV. While the programming listed below will continue to be available to U-verse members so long as AT&T has the rights to carry it, if a reasonable agreement cannot be reached with the programmer the programming will no longer be available at that time.

June 2012:
As previously noticed, AT&T’s contract with the programmer for the following channels is set to expire and, if a reasonable longer term agreement cannot be reached with the programmer, we may lose the rights to carry the following channels (listed in alphabetical order) on U-verse TV in June 2012: 5StarMAX (channel 840 and 1840 in HD), ActionMAX (channel 836 and 1836 in HD), ActionMAX West (channel 837 and 1837 in HD), ATMAX (channel 846 and 1846 in HD), Cinemax East (channel 832 and 1832 in HD), Cinemax West (channel 833 and 1833 in HD), HBO Comedy (channel 810 and 1810 in HD), HBO Comedy West (channel 811 and 1811 in HD), HBO East (channel 802 and 1802 in HD), HBO Family (channel 806 and 1806 in HD),  HBO Family West (channel 807 and 1807 in HD), HBO Latino (channel 814 and 1814 in HD), HBO Latino West (channel 815 and 1815 in HD), HBO Signature (channel 808 and 1808 in HD), HBO Signature West (channel 809 and 1809 in HD), HBO West (channel 803 and 1803 in HD), HBO Zone (channel 812 and 1812 in HD), HBO Zone West (channel 813 and 1813 in HD), HBO2 (channel 804 and 1804 in HD), HBO2 West (channel 805 and 1805 in HD), HDNet (channel 1105 in HD), HDNet Movies (channel 1106 in HD), MoreMax (channel 834 and 1834 in HD), MoreMAX West (channel 835 and 1835 in HD), OuterMAX (channel 844 and 1844 in HD), ROOT Sports Northwest (channel 1764), ROOT Sports Pittsburgh (channel 1730), ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain (Channel 1760), ThrillerMAX (channel 838and 1838 in HD), ThrillerMAX West (channel 839 and 1839 in HD), WMAX (channel 842 and 1842 in HD).

In addition, AT&T’s carriage agreement with Showtime Networks, Inc. is set to expire in June and the following channels (in alphabetical order) are potentially impacted:  FLIX (channel 890); Showtime (channel 852 and 1852 in HD); Showtime -West (channel 853 and 1853 in HD); Showtime Beyond (channel 860); Showtime Extreme (channel 858 and 1858 in HD); Showtime Extreme -West (channel 859 and 1859 in HD); Showtime Family (channel 862); Showtime Next (channel 864); Showtime Showcase (channel 856 and 1856 in HD); Showtime Showcase -West (channel 857 and 1857 in HD); Showtime Too (channel 854 and 1854 in HD); Showtime Too -West (channel 855 and 1855 in HD); Showtime Women (channel 866); Smithsonian Channel (channel 118 and 1118 in HD); The Movie Channel (channel 882 and 1882 in HD); The Movie Channel -West (channel 883 and 1883 in HD); The Movie Channel Xtra (channel 884 and 1884 in HD); and The Movie Channel Xtra -West (channel 885 and 1885 in HD).  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even if an agreement is reached between AT&T and Showtime, AT&T may modify the channel availability for the AT&T U-verse TV service by removing the Showtime channels listed above from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package.  In the event the Showtime channels are removed from the U300 lineup, the U400 lineup, the U450 lineup, and/or The Movie Package, we will carry the Showtime channels consistent with the terms of any future agreement with Showtime (as permitted).

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