Wednesday, June 6, 2012

U-verse Primary Email Address And What if you do not have Uverse high speed internet?

As I have been discussing, U-verse email address is very important. It serves as your global log in to your online bill, remote dvr, hbo go, max go, wifi on the go, and mobile TV. Not only that, it will also help you control and modify the settings and features of your CVOIP (U-verse telephone service).

What if you do not have Uverse high speed internet?

There are times that the star codes or manual codes do not work when you use your home phone or there are times that you simply want to check your phone features and settings when away from home. However, it is so difficult to contact tech support, It seems like you're in a loop.

It's easy. Though you don't have internet service, all you need to do is register at and create an email/username. Take note, you don't need to type because it is already given on the website.

What if you were an AT&T DSL customer and you want to use your existing email?

Just follow the same process of registering your account. Go to Choose existing email and make sure that you are using the primary or parent account.

It is better that you migrate your DSL account because once something goes wrong to your email we can support it. More often than not, once the email is considered terminated AT&T don't support any issues regarding unmigrated, cancelled or terminated accounts and even password reset.

What if you forgot your primary email address with Uverse?

If you have uverse IPTV service, all you need to do is to get your remote control. Launch U-bar by pressing Go Interactive and then press OK. Scroll to the settings option and press OK again. (please refer to my diagram if you need a guide on Uverse standard remote control)Your primary email will display on the left side of the screen about half way down. If you don't have tv service just call 8002882020. 

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