Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Create Sub Account Email For Time Warner Cable Customers

Creating a sub account for Time Warner Cable is very easy. But the number of sub account emails that you can have depends on what your subscription is. Unlike AT&T, regardless of your subscription, you can have as much as 19 additional sub accounts. And the storage space for their email is unlimited. For Time Warner Cable customers, if you are subscribed to the Ultimate internet package, that's the only time that you can have 20 sub accounts and 50 GB space. That means that if you only have the standard package which is 10 mbps, you have to set up you client email such as outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Mac mail, etc. And do not forget to check your webmail by going to because though some emails go to your junk, they occupy space on the email server. Better delete the messages after reading them.

Here are the steps for you to add sub accounts: 
1. Log in to

2. Then click create new sub user.

3. Then fill up the boxes. You don't need to include the domain (e.g., Follow the rules enumerated by the page.

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