Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From DSL To Uverse

What do you need to know when you switch your internet from AT&T dsl to Uverse?

     I am going to discuss a few basic things about switching your internet account from dsl to Uverse. Depending on location, it is important that you know your primary email address, the type of boxes you're using, and what are the features and benefits. As I mentioned on my previous blog, Uverse has 3 types of connection: regular Uverse, ipdsl and INID. When I use the term regular uverse, your modem is either 3800 or 3801 hgv which can support internet, tv and cvoip (phone) services. This is commonly used by residences below 3000 feet from the pole or control box. IPDSL uses Motorola, Linksys or 2wire 2701. INID is a little bit different because it uses an outside unit which is 2wire i3812v which is considered the NID box/remote gateway and a router i38hg which is the inside unit which supports the internet portion of the service.  It is important that you know what type of account you have so it will be easy for you to get help when calling tech support. 

     It is a must that you know your primary email address because it will serve as your log in to check, pay and manage your account online, for those who have the regular uverse and INID accounts, you can use your primary email to manage your DVR remotely, log in to hbogo and max go, check emails (if you're using it as your personal email), to name a few. 

     If you had dsl take note that you may need to migrate your email for you to keep it. Remember that once, your account is terminated, it will be hard for us to restore it as the tools to reset the password for dsl account has been removed for agent use. It is important for you to know the primary email and its password to prevent any inconvenience. In case the install tech forgets to register your account and you need help with registering or migrating your account, you can follow the steps on https://lsreg.att.net. 

     For those who have Uverse tv, you only have 1 dvr box which controls the pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding of live tv. If that does not work then you won't be able to record programs, pause, rewind, fast forward live tv and pull up recordings. And depending on the proximity, you are allowed to have as much as 4 hd streams. 

     With Uverse you can bundle all your service. You have everything linked. Access to your account is easy and there are many ways and work around when one thing does not work. However, the only disadvantage that you can get is when the modem is down, everything is down. 

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