Monday, January 30, 2012

I Think I Made The Right Decision

I have been talking to my friends who are still working with my previous company since yesterday. I was wondering why they have been so quiet and all of a sudden, they have been posting sad faces on fb and frustrations. They told me that the promise of getting a retention bonus didn't push through. They signed a contract that if they will have perfect attendance for 3 consecutive months they will be getting 15k bonus. The contract was signed by the site director, the senior manager and the employees. And without any prior notice, they didn't receive anything. I don't know how I can pacify them. I can't even laugh because I know how hard they work even if one of their family members were sick, the weather is bad, there is an emergency or the employee is sick. One of the people who also resigned suggested this:

I will say the same thing but I know they need a job. I don't know how else I can comfort them especially they had issues with their pay last January 15, 2012. I don't wanna add something to aggravate the situation. So I just remain quiet.

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