Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saving HD Recordings From Uverse To A PC

I was just reading and researching some troubleshooting steps regarding recording programs and how users can save it from the set top box to a computer when finally I was able to browse on one of  the Uverse community site that gives that info. But don't get too excited, the capture of HD programs is only possible through the use of a component (pb, pr, y) and optic audio inputs. It's possible with the use of Hauppauge HD PVR. First you need to make sure the connection is like what you see below.

connect the HD PVR to a non DVR STB

Try to record a program using your Uverse DVR. After recording the HD program, play it back on a regular STB where the hauppauge HD PVR is connected and capture the program that you're playing back. Now you can save the .ts file to your computer and convert it.

rear of the box

instead of the gaming console, you can set it up with your Uverse STB

I hope this will help you so you don't have to worry that you have to delete recordings that you want to watch over and over if you have too much recording on your Uverse DVR.

I just got this video from youtube (6/8/2012). I think you can follow the procedures that he did to connect your PVR to your TV and computer.

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  1. Good tip! I don't have Uverse (still live about 10 yards too far from the switch), but do have a HD DVR through my cable company. Might need to investigate this a little farther...