Saturday, February 25, 2012

How To Check For Specific Program On Your Online Guide

Uverse has it's cool way to check when and what channel will show your favorite program or movie online. In case that you have no time to browse your TV guide, you can do it anywhere you want as long as you know your primary email.

1. First click the link to direct you to the online guide.
2. If it is your first time to access that site it will require you to enter your zip code and log in using your primary email address.
3. Just type down the program or show that you want to watch.

3. You will be able to find all the episodes (if it is a series), the version (it will show hd if it is in hd), the date and time and the channel of that program.

1. episode 2. date and time 3. channel 4. version
4. If you want to record the program, just click the particular episode. It will give you the recording options as shown below.

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