Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beeping Noise On Your Uverse Phone: Checking Voice Messages

Uverse phone service offers a great deal such as call forwarding and voice messaging. You can check my previous blog on how you can activate them. It is just a matter of understanding how we can do it.

Now, what if you hear an annoying beeping sound on your phone? And sometimes there is a blinking light on your phone? This indicates that you have a voice message that you have not heard yet.

There are a few ways to access your voice mailbox:

I. Using your Uverse phone: 
1. Dial *98 on your home phone. If prompted enter the PIN.
2. Press 1 to listen. As the message plays:
  • Press 1 to rewind.
  • Press 2 to pause.
  • Press 3 to fast-forward.
  • Press #to skip a message.
3. After listening to the message:

  • Press 9 to save the message.
  • Press 7 to delete the message - it will remain in your trash for 48 hours.
  • Press 6to forward a copy.

  • II. There are 2 ways to access your voice mail when away from home:
    1. You can dial your Uverse home number, once you hear your phone's greetings press * and it will prompt you to enter your mailbox PIN and #. (Check additional notes below.)
    2. If you don't want to call your home phone, just dial the 10 digit access number. It will ask you to enter your home phone then # and your mailbox PIN and #. (Check additional notes below.)

    III. Using your computer:
    1. Log in to your at&t account.
    2. Point your mouse over Home Phone and select Uverse Voice. You will see a listing of your voice messages and all the features of your phone. Just click the play button to listen to the message.

    Additional notes:
    II.1. You will hear the voicemail greetings depending on the number of rings you have set.
    II.2. Log in to your AT&T account.
    • Select the Manage Features option at the bottom of the page under the My Phone Features section
    • In the Call Forwarding section, look for the 10-digit phone number following Forward to Voice Mail. That 10-digit phone number is your access number. Call it and follow the prompts to retrieve your voice mail.

    Keep in mind that when dialing into voice mail remotely, you may incur additional access charges for non-local calls, hotel services charges, or cellular charges.

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