Friday, March 2, 2012

Feels Like Home

I just started working with my new company and the ambiance is very different with my previous one. Not that I wanna bad mouth my previous company but a lot of things are really better with my new one. Let's start from the guards. The guards are friendly. Yes, they are strict but they don't look at you scornfully as if you always do something wrong. They are very helpful and accommodating when you need help. They don't pretend that they are superiors. 

The trainers are really kind. Not too stiff. They know how to create a friendly atmosphere in the training room. Though I know more than what the trainers know, for me they are  still knowledgeable. That's very important especially the people with me do not know anything about the products.

I had the chance to talk to one of the managers. It amazed me how the managers listen to you. I got the chance to enter the production floor and observe and man, you would not believe it! They really take care of their people which is very important. I don't see stressed faces on the floor. Even the HR people are really sensitive to your needs. They will find time to make sure that they tend to people. 

Well, I thought I heard the head of the trainer's team that the reason why they give importance to the agents, it's because they are the front liners who are income generators. 

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