Saturday, December 1, 2012

Windows 8: Windows Update Failed

How to fix Windows update failed after 15% configuration on Windows 8 computers.

First press and hold the windows button (fig. 1) on your keyboard and press R.

fig. 1

Once you pull up the run command. Type msconfig. (fig. 2)

fig. 2

Then go to the services tab and check the "Hide all Microsoft services". (fig. 3)

fig. 3

After checking the "Hide all Microsoft services" box. Make sure everything is checked. Then click the "Disable all" button. Then click ok. You might receive the screen below. (fig. 4) Then try clicking restart.

fig. 4

If it doesn't go through. Check for updates again by going to control panel- system and security- windows update- check for updates- install. Then restart the computer. Once the update is done, you can go back to msconfig and enable all services again.

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