Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enjoying Life In Malaysia

It's been a while that I have not updated my blog. I have been so busy because things happened so fast.

On January 3, 2013, I received a call that my working permit was approved and I needed to go to the Malaysian embassy to get my passport stamped. The process took 3 business days. On the same day, I had to attend the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar which is a must for all Filipino Overseas Workers. Then,I went back to work at Sutherland. I barely had enough rest.

On January 8, 2013, I got back my passport from the embassy and at 12 noon attended the final briefing before leaving at the Ikon office. Then in the afternoon, we all went to the airport because it was time for us to go.

At 12:55 AM on January 9, 2013, the plane landed in Malaysia and somebody picked us up at the Kuala Lumpur airport. We arrived at One Avenue Hotel at about 4 AM. And at 6:30 AM we had to wake up because it was time for us to attend the training.

From then on, I have been so busy. I barely had enough rest as I need to learn new things. I don't have any experience with IT help desk. But, it doesn't intimidate me, because I know how to troubleshoot hardware, software and networking issues. And currently, I am figuring out how to fix a VPN plug in issue. I haven't tried it yet but I think I know how to fix it. I just need to get a go signal from the Level 2 team lead if I can go ahead and do it.

I am also glad that one of the SME's, my TL and Level 2 TL recognize my contribution for the team especially when it comes to troubleshooting and my stats. TL Maika just told me that I am part of the top 4 with the highest stat. I also passed my QA with flying colors which did not happen when I was in the Philippines. And Kuya Vanie, one of the SME's told me that he can recommend me as one of them. I have to think about it first because I wanna make sure that I am ready in a new battle. I have to know the ins and outs of the account before I accept any post. Last month, I received a commendation from Upendra the Level 2 team lead regarding my performance. I was so happy.

And just today, April 3, 2013, I just got a 100% survey from one of our customers. Everyday, I am learning and getting better. I really want to show them my best. And I know I can be more. I will prove to my new family that I will be their asset.

I do not want to compare but the recognition they are giving me is driving me to bring out the best in me. Unlike when I was "down there". For many years, I have been contributing a lot of things. I only received a rock star certificate but they delayed my promotion until I resigned. Here, I don't feel any politics and favoritism. And my job is so laid back. I noticed that my hair is not falling anymore. Sounds funny but it's true. I don't feel stress anymore. And if only I knew 3 years ago that this job is so easy, I should have grabbed the opportunity when Mommy Brenz told me about this. And maybe or maybe not, I married him.

Batu Caves, Malaysia

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