Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uverse Is Not Working. All Services Down.

It is important that you understand the lights on your gateway for you to know what steps you need to take if you're having a hard or no time calling tech support.



a. off-the RG (Residential gateway) is not receiving power. What to do? Make sure that your modem is connected to a working power outlet. To test if it's an outlet issue or not, try another device. If it doesn't work then it's an outlet/power strip issue. For customers that have a battery back up especially with voice lines, make sure that the power of the battery back up is on. On the back of the battery back up, there is a power button. Just press it once and it should light up.
b. solid green- the RG is on.
c. flashing red-the RG is rebooting. Just wait for a few seconds, it will turn into solid green.
d. solid red-RG malfunction occurred, reboot didn't go through. What to do? Try resetting the modem. On the back of the RG there is a red reset button. (Check picture below) Just hold it down for more than 10 seconds. Take note that if you do this, you will lose whatever personal settings you have on your modem. 

If all troubleshooting fails, then call 8002882020, your modem needs replacement. 

2. Local Ethernet, USB - PC, Wireless, and HomePNA

a. off- no device is connected. 

For local ethernet, make sure the computer is connected and working properly. If a receiver is connected, refer to this link light off. Try a reboot.

USB-PC, the USB portion is disabled. So this light should always be off.

Wireless- Check if the wireless switch is on on your computer. Refer to computer's manual on how to do it. Try a reboot on your modem if the switch is on.

HomePNA- Make sure you have TV service and the Uverse box is connected. Reset your modem. Take note that if you do this, you will lose whatever personal settings you have on your modem. 

b. solid green- device is connected or linked
c. flashing green- indicates that there is activity. This is the normal light on your modem.

3. Broadband-

a. off- there is no physical connection. If modem is rebooting, wait for at least 3-5 minutes. Make sure your modem is properly connected. 
b. solid green- this should be the light on the modem. 
c. flashing green- the modem is trying to connect. 
d. flashing red/solid red- no broadband connection. What to do? Make sure that the cable line is properly connected on the back of the modem. If you have an fttp type of network (check my notes below on how to determine if you have fttp or fttn type of network), make sure that there is something connected to the broadband (2wire 3800 hgv) or ONT (2wire 3801) red port on the back of the modem. For customers with voice service or self install using 3600, make sure that the phone cord is connected to phone line/ DSL (green port).

If wirings are correct, try resetting your modem. If it remains red, then you must call tech support. Either there is a network outage, or there is some outside issues that need to be fixed. 

e. flashing red and green- modem failed to establish connection. Try turning off your modem for at least 1 minute. If it is still happening, call tech support. Your modem needs replacement. 

4. Service-

a. off- make sure the modem is on. If modem is on, follow the steps below for flashing service light.
b. solid red/ flashing red/ flashing red and green- for fttn type of network, make sure that NOTHING is connected into the red broadband or ONT port. If nothing is connected, try rebooting your box. If it doesn't work, call tech support. Most likely, there is an on going network outage.

Back of 2wire 3800 hgv. For 3801, the broadband port is labeled ONT and the phone line is labeled DSL

What if it is your battery back up which is not working? 

Check what brand of battery back AT&T provided you. If it is Belkin battery call the Belkin Battery Backup Dedicated Support at 866-539-5791 or go to If you have fttp type of network and using ONT, call GS battery at 800-472-2879 or go to GS webstore. Why am I telling you to call these numbers? Because even if you call tech support, they will be transferring you to those numbers.

How to determine if you're using an fttp or fttn type of network? 

Simple, check outside your house or backyard, check if you have a battery back up labeled ONT. That means that you have an fttp type of network. If none, just a regular phone box, then it is an fttn type of network. Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which is a box typically located on the side of your house or in your garage, where AT&T's fiber network terminates.


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