Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Program Uverse Black Standard Remote Control: s10-1, s10-s2, s3

AT&T has three (3) standard black remote control. For you to check if you have it, just look at the back of it and it will show you the model of your remote control. See figure 1.

figure 1. back of standard black remote control

I just discovered that for the black remote controls, they all have the same manufacture codes. With my experience, manual codes work 99% of the time.

figure 2. s10-s3

For you to program the remote control, you need to hold the mode key (tv, dvd, aux) and the enter button. (You can also hold both the mode and ok buttons example tv+ok.) After a second or two, enter the code for your device. To check if it is working, press power to power off your device. Then try to power the device on again and NEVER forget to press the AT&T button to avoid changing inputs, modes or any inconvenience. If you still ask why, if you DON'T press the AT&T button, you will notice that your Uverse stb/receiver won't turn on and off or you will not be able to control you receiver, pull up guide and change channels.

I have the remote control codes arranged alphabetically. So you just have to check the label and click the pictures for you to get the codes.


To program your remote control with your tv:
1. Hold both the TV and the ENTER/OK buttons at the same time.
2. After a second or two, release and enter the code corresponding to the brand of your TV.
3. To check if it is working, try powering the tv set off and on. If the code that you tried didn't work, try another code and follow the same steps.
4. Once you get it working, as a constant reminder press the AT&T button to prevent any inconvenience. I have the codes alphabetically arranged. Just click the picture that corresponds to the brand of your tv.
By the way, for the TV combos remote control codes, please refer to part 4 of programming the remote control.

figure 3. A

figure 4. B

figure 5. C
figure 6. D-E

figure 7. F-G
figure 8. H-I
figure 9. J-L
figure 10. M
figure 11. N-O
figure 12. P
figure 13. Q
figure 14. S

figure 15. T

figure 16. U-Z

For DVD's and other devices check part 2 of this blog.


  1. This is a good info. Useful codes to program remotes. Thanks for the share

  2. Thank you SO much for this information. The other day, I scoured the web for this information without success. It was only after I did a Google search for "S10-S3" that I found your blog post. I programmed my Insignia TV on the very first try. :-D

  3. You're welcome. Thank you also for appreciating my effort in helping customers off the phone.

  4. Its not working for me I have a 32 in. Flat screen JVC and none of the codes work

  5. If TV+ Ok does not work... try tv+enter and then the code... but before trying make sure you have fresh batteries and the tv's screen is not too bright... tv's brightness can interfere the IR of the remote control.

  6. i tried to program my remote s10-s3 with my rca tv, it turns it off and on , and works the volume, but won't change the channel

  7. If you can't control your Uverse after programming, do not forget to press the AT&T button again. So, please the AT&T button.

  8. Nice post..This is a good info. Useful codes to program remotes.
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  9. I have a s10-s4. Is it possible to manually program the colored A, B or C buttons individually?

    I would like to add both the TV input and the sound source input functions on this remote.

  10. Set up my remote in 30 seconds. I lost my Toshiba remote and had no way to power on the TV. THANK YOU!

  11. Different way to get to programming mode :
    Hold only the TV button then press and release the OK key then let go of the the TV key ,
    All top LED's with flash once then they will turn off
    Click he code , wait for the TV LED to flash once , then press volume up/down or power key to test code .

  12. Okay, I pressed the 'att' button. I still can not get the channels to change ( or any other functions to work). What am I doing wrong?

  13. Changed TVs to different brand-Uverse remote would not turn TV off. As you suggested I put in the new code . Works perfectly! THANKS!

  14. Thank you! Lost my remote to my TV, and your instructions helped a great deal! Thank you again!