Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How To Program Uverse Black Remote Control Part 3 (For VCR and DVR): S10-S3, S10-S2, S10-S1

This is a continuation of programming a Uverse remote control s10-s3. You can always check the other blogs that I have which have the manufacture codes for TV and DVD.

I have arranged the codes alphabetically. Check the label and click the picture for you to get the codes.

To program your Uverse remote control to work with your VCR or DVR, you need to: 
1. Hold down BOTH the AUX and OK/ENTER simultaneously. 
2. After a second or two, release and enter the code manually. Check the pictures below for the code that corresponds to your device.

figure 1. A-S

figure 2. S-Z
3. To test if the code that you tried works, press power. If it powers off then try to power on again. You can try all the codes listed for your device if one code doesn't work and repeat the steps.
4. Once you have the remote control programmed, as a constant reminder, press again the AT&T button to prevent any inconvenience. 

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