Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unable To Connect To The Internet

I have been discussing troubleshooting steps relating to Uverse services. I forgot that I would like to help other customers. What I will be giving you are just basic steps. You may still need to call your service provider if everything else fails.

1. First you need to check if your modem or router is powered on and there is no unusual lights. Like for example the power is red. Usually if the power led light is red it indicates that the modem is bad. Also, check if there is something disconnected from your modem and your computer.

2.After checking the modem, check if the IP address of your computer or any device that needs internet. Remember a is a valid IP but in some instances like for Time Warner Cable Internet, it means that the modem is on stand by mode and you need to press the stand by button to turn it on again.

How an IP address looks like
3. If the IP address is correct try rebooting your modem and computer or other devices. If the IP address is not valid, check if there is something wrong with your computer's network adapter. Make sure that the firewall does not block any network traffic and it is updated and not expired. 

4. If step number 3 is done, and you're still not able to connect to the internet, check if the TCP/IP settings are correct. For service providers that uses DHCP connection, please make sure that the TCP/IP is set to obtain IP and DNS server addresses automatically.*

5. Check the browser settings. Make sure that your browser is set to never dial a connection or there is nothing  in the box where it says dial up and virtual network. And make sure there is no proxy. If your browser is looking good, try deleting browsing history or if you have not saved any websites in your favorites, try resetting your browser. **

*For computers which has VPN set up, try to set the IP to automatic first. Make sure you write down the IP settings of your company before making any changes to your computer.
**You can save the bookmarks or favorites on your computer first.


  1. for me internet is a necessity already. if something bad happened to it, i feel something huge is lacking.

    1. Same here. Internet is already a necessity. I need it for my part time job :)